Early tips for those “Black Screen of Death” victims in Windows 7

Yes I know, the year have just started and you’ll see “Black Screen of Death” title, but please just read along and this might be of help to you.

It was Friday – January 2, upon arriving at home from office. I hurriedly opened my pc, being excited and all because I just had my memory upgraded to 8gb.
Spoiler alert to all geek squad, my pc is a 6-year old AMD so please excuse my humble mobo screen shot here.

At first instance after the two beeps, there’s a prompt telling me there’s some kind of problem and it immediately restarted.

After rebooting, the screen was stuck to the mobo-screen shot (as seen below)

I tried turning off the pc after waiting for minutes. Then the black screen of death as they say appeared – actually a black screen with a cursor.
I tried rebooting for I don’t know how many times but still the same result.

Come monday morning at the office, I tried researching for solution/s; found many of them but the one I think would be a reliable one would be from “http://www.tomshardware.com/” forums; some useful tips are:

-Try clicking F8 while waiting for the motherboard screen after rebooting, then you’ll be given options to
a: restart to last known good format;
b: fix the problem using backup file (you have to locate this, if you ever do backup)

-Try inserting your windows 7 installer before rebooting, wait for the windows installation prompt, choose repair, then you’ll also be given options like fix the problem using backup file, etc., try doing this if it will work for you.

Because none of this worked, I decided to format my pc which I guess would be the ultimate solution. When finished formatting, I inserted the usb for the pocket WIFI to download all my favorite apps but when I reboot…poof…Back to the “Black screen of death”!

So for the nth time, I turn to our good friend – Google/Tomshardware forums and found some solution there that really was quite familiar to me and I remember doing this before.., It says “try removing the usb/s before rebooting and see if it’ll work for you.” Voila! it worked!

Moral of the story is, if you want to save yourself from re installing all your favorite apps, and formatting your pc; have a little patience and consult our best virtual pal- Google first. Read all the help from forums that you can get, it’s free anyways. That is, if you have your WIFI at hand.

Happy Teacher’s Day

To give honor to our beloved teachers, here are the list of my academic teachers (as I remember them).I can only recall the Surnames of most of them.Here are the list of my academic teachers (as I remember them).I can only recall the Surnames of most of them.

1980 – Sorry I really forgot their name/s but I know I studied kindergarten at what we called Little Bagiuo at Taytay, Rizal. If I remember it right, it was managed by Iglesia Ni Cristo during that time;

1982 – Grade 1 section 2 at Sta. Ana Elementary School, Taytay, Rizal (until grade 3 and continued grade 6) Ms. Albano, Thank you Ma’am for believing in me. She transferred me to section 1 in my next grade;

1983 – Grade 2 section 1, Ms. Lacanienta, My best english speaking teacher. She’s also my God mother in my wedding;

1984 – Grade 3 section 1, Ms. Dela Paz, Kinda strict especially with tardiness;

1985 – Grade 4 section 1 at East Bajac Bajac, Olongapo City (until grade 5) Ms. Barrera, Terror teacher as they say but I’ve learned a lot from her;

1986 – Grade 5 section 1, Ms. Inocencio, Another terror teacher and also a great english teacher if I’m not mistaken;

1987 – Grade 6 section 1, Ms. Zacarias, Best english teacher and adviser;

1988 – 1st year High school at Juan Sumulong Memorial Jr. College, Taytay, Rizal (until 4th year) Ms. Enriquez, Our strict but loving adviser;

1989 – 2nd year High school, Ms. Gondra, Our comedic, fun-loving teacher in J.S.M.J.C.;

1990 – 3rd year High school, Ms. Naval, Strict English speaking adviser who’s very fond of chocolates for her children;

1991 – 4th year High school, Mr. Faustino;

1992 – 1996 Again, forgive me if I don’t remember all my professors in University of Sto Tomas – College of Fine Arts Major in Advertising. Some of the names I can only say are: Mr. Tolentino, Mr. Ventura, Mr. Dellosa, Mr. Velez, and of course My Thesis adviser – Ms. Becares.

I owe everyone of these teachers what I am now. Not only these teachers but also to my friends, colleagues, supervisors and superiors – they are also my teachers that molded me to be not only a better designer but also a better man.

And the best teacher of all – The one upstairs.

Thank you.

Good bye Captain, Oh Captain!

Robin Williams 1951-2014

Robin Williams 1951-2014

Another one of my favorite comedian kick the bucket and it was a shock as expected to those who knew the man. It’s ironic to think a comedian would end his life due to depression. It was really another blow on the entertainment business losing another top-billed actor. But it’s not surprising that entertainers or a comedian as Robin suffers from this serious medical condition. Depression can happen to people in any age, even children, and people from any race or ethnicity or social class. It is influenced by genetics, and can run in families, Dr. Manpreet Singh told Live Science. This is quite alarming, but I think It’s quite rare here in the Philippines – being a hospitable country with people who always finds a reason to smile. We’re generally a cheerful and happy people.


Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me

Thank God It’s Another Year For Me.
I thank my wife for the cake(and all the love).
I thank my children – Iestyn and Moira for the laughs.
I thank my in-laws for the support.
I thank my family especially my mother Lily for inspiring me always.
I thank my friends and office mates for the greetings.

Thank you everyone for making my years worthwhile.

Weekend Art Session

I promised my daughter that I’ll buy her this “Paper Clay Art” this weekend so we went to DV thinking we could buy them for less but to no avail so we have no choice but to go to Market Market where our neighbor bought them.

Moira's Paper Clay Art

Moira’s Paper Clay Art

Moira’s Paper Clay Art

In return I told my daughter to create me a loom band bracelet and in a few minutes she did create me one. Bought the materials at DV since we can’t find that paper clay art thingy.

loom bonding

loom bonding

Our Princess Just Turns 6

Happy 6th Birthday Moira

Happy 6th Birthday Moira

8th – It was a very simple celebration at home with Nanay and Leslie, and our in-laws.

Happy 6th Birthday Moira@Subic

Happy 6th Birthday Moira@Subic

12th – Continuation of our daughter’s day at Ocean Adventure at Subic

last stop @Camayan Beach Resort

last stop @Camayan Beach Resort

12th – End the day at Camayan Beach Resort also at Subic

Nothing beats fun weekend with family!!!