Our Princess Just Turns 6

Happy 6th Birthday Moira

Happy 6th Birthday Moira

8th – It was a very simple celebration at home with Nanay and Leslie, and our in-laws.

Happy 6th Birthday Moira@Subic

Happy 6th Birthday Moira@Subic

12th – Continuation of our daughter’s day at Ocean Adventure at Subic

last stop @Camayan Beach Resort

last stop @Camayan Beach Resort

12th – End the day at Camayan Beach Resort also at Subic

Nothing beats fun weekend with family!!!

Happy Birthday ‘Tay!

Tatay Berting

Tatay Berting

To my one and only father who is now at peace with the Lord, A very happy birthday to you! Thank you for a very wonderful and adventurous memories that you gave us. I know you’ll always be happy and proud of us no matter what – I also hope you’ll continue reminding us to be a better person and guide us with our families now. Thank you ‘Tay!

Happy Tin Anniversary SLEEP-ZERO

Happy 10 years SLEEP-ZERO

Happy 10 years SLEEP-ZERO

Funny as it may seem but a 10 years anniversary is a Tin anniversary as 25 years is to Silver and 50 is to Gold.
Time flies really. I remember my colleague Josel convincing me to also signup with his friend’s local hosting company and start building my own website cause it sounds ironic that you’re telling everyone you know that you’re a web and graphic designer but you don’t have a personal site – not to offend those concerned but guess what it’s been ten years then.
Loved those years when we still use tables in our web layouts, our daily dose of <tr>’s and <td>’s and spacer.gif for the perfect height and width. The introduction of css, the spread of DIV-itis and now HTML5 and CSS3 for responsive web layout.
Kinda makes me feel old when you get to talk to new breed of web developers and talk them through the process of web designing before – from sketch, to photoshop psd, and html conversion. Naah! Geeky stuffs you may not bother to know.
Just want to thank all those people who have been a part of my journey to this long and winding web and graphic design of mine. I won’t be writing this to a wordpress blog if it wasn’t for you guys. You all know who you are.

A day with Spidey


A day with Spidey

I don’t know why the movie had some low review ratings but for me It was an ass-kicking adventure part 2. A very entertaining humorous Spider-Man with an engaging romance and breath-taking action scenes.
Did I mention that I’m a Spider-Man fanboy :) not a comic type but the tv-movie spidey fanboy.
And btw, I also would like to apologize to Peter(Andrew Garfield) for that unethical interview done by our fellow Filipino.
Keep swinging man!

My Precious just finished K2

Moira's Ballet Recital

Moira’s Ballet Recital

Poster of my daughter’s ballet recital last March 15, 2014 at Lourdes School Auditorium Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
See more pictures here


Collage of Moira’s Graduation pictures

Another poster I’ve created – this time a collage of her K2 Graduation also took place at the same place a week after
See more pictures here

Very proud father – Moira, we love you very much!

Christmas & New Year posts on a February

I know, I know. It’s a two months old posts. Well I guess you’ll know what would be included in my New Year’s resolutions, that is to post more and on time – hehehe.

Early Christmas Treat from Megamall

Disney characters at Megamall

Early Christmas treats from Megamall, All time favorite Disney characters – Goofy, Minnie and Mickey Mouse. My wife waited long hours for this 15 minute show.

Christmas day

Namamasko po!

On our way to Pateros para mamasko – a very old Filipino tradition every Christmas day.

Happy New Year

Palusis for children

A very Happy New Year!!!

New Year at Taytay, Rizal

New Year at Taytay, Rizal

November Rain

came from http://www.morbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/yolanda-haiyan-Philippines.jpg

came from http://www.morbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/yolanda-haiyan-Philippines.jpg

Up until now, I can’t describe the unimaginable devastation of what has the experts would say is the most powerful super typhoon to date. Super typhoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan), being a typhoon signal number 4, Category 5 super typhoon, has breached 6,000 on top of nearly 1,800 people missing; 16 million people had their homes either flattened or damaged, clearly a massive disaster that would leave you speechless. It has been more than a month since Yolanda, we’ve all wept our tears and mourn for all the victims in all affected areas. We’ve all deserve this time to honor and remember all those who have survived, helped and touched each and everyone’s life in this catastrophic event. And because we’re FILIPINOs, we mustered the courage to move on and embrace all the help we can get. With the world’s assistance, I know we will rise again.

No amount of words can tell how much thankful we are to the world with all the relief efforts given to our country.

Thank you and keep the love alive.

Moira as Sakura and Ms. China

Had fun with our first trick or treating as a family at Mommy’s Office, Tiendesitas and Greenhills shopping malls.
Here are some random shots of out two children
Moira as Sakura Haruno; and Iestyn as supposed to be a football player :)

Trick or treat at Mommy's Office, Tiendesitas and Greenhills

Trick or treat at at Mommy’s Office, Tiendesitas and Greenhills

Trick or treat at at Mommy's Office, Tiendesitas and Greenhills

Trick or treat at at Mommy’s Office, Tiendesitas and Greenhills

See the videos at the ff:

Greenhills trick or treat 01 from robin go on Vimeo.

Also Moira’s Ms. China at D’Paul last United Nation week.

United Nation week as Ms. China at D'Paul

United Nation week as Ms. China at D’Paul